What Are Kangen Water Machines?

Kangen water machines are a recent development in the world of safe drinking water. They are based on a technology called electrolysis, which uses electrical charge to change the pH of tap water. There are several different models available for homes and businesses. They have a few unique features.

A Kangen water machine is a small appliance that connects to the cold water line of the faucet. The device makes ionized, alkalized water in three different pH levels. It has a built-in cleaning system that keeps the water safe to drink. It can also be used for disinfecting surfaces. This water is marketed as more beneficial for beauty care and cleaning.

The company that makes the Kangen water machines is Enagic, which is based in Japan. Enagic makes a variety of water filtration machines, which they distribute around the world. They also sell the kangen machines.

The company has offices in several countries and has been in business for over 30 years. Although their sales are not the cheapest, they have a lifetime warranty and are certified to NSF/ANSI 42. Unlike other companies that are pyramid schemes or outsource their manufacturing processes, Enagic manufactures everything from the electrode plates to the electrolysis chambers. They also do not spend money on advertising or promotions. Instead, they use their profits to help the communities that they serve.

If you are considering getting a Kangen water machine, make sure that Clic Here you research the company that manufactures it and its products. The best brands offer better customer service and have a better business reputation.

While there are many benefits to using a kangen water machine, there are also many issues to consider. It is expensive, requires more frequent maintenance than other water filtration machines, and it only filters out the mild contaminants in tap water. That means it can’t filter out heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine. Plus, it has a limited number of water settings. It is a good idea to switch out the filters more often.

While the kangen machine has its own merits, there are more advanced, higher quality systems for a similar price. These systems have a more sophisticated filtration system. They remove contaminants on the micron level, and they can remineralize water to its most natural form. They have a 100% forever lifetime warranty, and they have an automatic self-cleaning feature.

Another issue to consider is the company’s sales tactics. They are a MLM, or multi-level marketing, company. This means they pay distributors for each new distributor that they sell. In addition, they offer distributors a commission for each machine they sell directly to customers. That way, they can turn a profit. They also have a low BBB rating, and there are a lot of reviews from competitors that are sponsored. This could mean you are reading a biased review.

The company does a pretty good job of describing what a Kangen machine does. They even have a webpage that includes contact information and a lot of information about the different systems that they have. However, the company’s sales tactics are more of a pyramid scheme than a true recommendation.